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"I’m just emailing to say thank you for the practice course, it helped me pass the actual exam. I took the pellet B on October 26th and passed with an overall score of 60. Thank you again!
-Robert Lessentine

"Thanks, yes 68.90 put me into tier 2 which surprised me. I guess tier 1 is pretty difficult. The part that helped me most was the grammar. You had a way of making it easier to understand. Its funny but I honestly learned more about grammar in your classes then in high school. The cloze helped me also just for the fact that I had never heard about it until I took your class and would have been taken by surprise had I not known. I have been a poor speller all my life so I literally took all the spelling words in your book and wrote pages and pages of words for muscle memory. Lastly all the little things you say on the side i.e. “this is always on the test” or “think of hawk when spelling awkward.” Those all come into play when taking the test. Thanks again. -Hans K.

Audio testimony from Mr. Aguilar

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