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Are you looking for instruction to help you pass your police exam in order to get maximally prepared for the test. Do you need flexibility to progress at your own pace? Are you looking for an instructor to assess you and give you guidance and feedback? If so, then the online course is for you.


Free Workshops

Join us for an intensive review of the POST exam hosted by several law enforcement agencies across the state of California such as the CHP, San Jose PD, Sacramento PD, Santa Barbara County Sheriffs and others. Work with motivated candidates just like yourself. Find a workshop near you.

Free Resources

This PELLET-B (POST) Exam Study Guide has links to all 5 areas on the exam. Practice spelling, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and cloze tests to further hone your skills. In addition, learn tips and tricks that are given at the face-to-face and online workshops.


Register for an online webinar to get dynamic, real-time instruction on how to maximally prepare for the POST (PELLET-B) exam  You can ask the instructor questions during the presentation. Additional resources will be given. Sessions are always full so register soon.

Online Course

Our goal is to get you ready and passed as quickly as you would like, so you can move on with your law enforcement career.

Course Features
*Teacher available to assess and guide you
*Access available 24/7
*No expiration date
*Open entry (start anytime) – open exit (end anytime)
*Video lectures covering core areas
*T-scores and strengths and weaknesses analysis given on all students’ practice POST tests


Customized Plan

Follow your individualized study plan at your own pace and at the schedule you chose. Every learner is at a different place when he or she joins the class and has different needs, so we do not design the course around a "one size fits all" mentality.

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